Factoring Variable “Joe”

Just found out moments ago I lost a dear friend recently to cancer, a rare cancer. I learned at a young age not to be greedy with compliments. Withholding one just deprives the complimented from some much needed cheer-leading in this world, and while being withheld, the holder just becomes embittered with greediness.

So these are the two motives that drive at the moment: the loss of a sweet friend and the idea that taking a compliment to the grave is greedy at worst and unfruitful at best..

“Joe” if you’re there I hope you’re reading this..

Have you ever worked in tier one customer service? I have for 6 years. And for most of my jobs prior to this. I don’t know how many people I have talked to under how many circumstances in my life. But I guarantee it’s been a lot. I have also talked to many of these same people under a variety of stresses both on their end and on mine.

Then there is everyday life that ebbs and flows through stress and strain as well as joy and joking. Through all these variables- countless as a matter of fact- there has been for about six years 1 unchangeable variable … “Joe”

Now six years isn’t the end all and be all of every little thing in this life but it’s a fair sampling. Factoring all the variety in makes “Joe” more outstanding to me. Variable “Joe” warrants a second look. Maybe a third..

Having a universe of variables internally makes stability all the more fascinating and desirable when stumbled across externally. So in memory of a “Joe” who’s blessed my life tremendously this post is tribute to not only that “Joe” but a “Joe” that’s been more recent, less involved, but impressive none the less.

I hope you all have a “Joe” in your life.. “Joe” makes it better.

If you do factor in the “Joe” let the math show you how much better things are because you remembered to factor in that variable.

“Joe” doesn’t yell, bark, or have glass shards it’s voice; no sarcasm, no condescension, no pomposity. “Joe” doesn’t laugh at you only with you. “Joe” is the person you would like to go fishing with ..  whether or not you fish. “Joe” appears to be non-judgmental, non-superficial, non-a-lot-of-junk. Patient, kind, sympathetic and maybe even empathetic tones come through “Joe’s” voice.

Never having met this “Joe” face-to-face, which is easily done these days” one can only hope that all these great features are shone through “Joe’s” eyes. Chances are “Joe” is human and doesn’t sustain all these characteristics perfectly at all times. I imagine “Joe” slips now and again. But “Joe” seems to have a deep enough grasp on how we all influence each other. I’m guessing “Joe” works at being a positive influence. “Joe” is in my life.

“Joe” makes sure you have a warm sandwich, a warm bed, a seat belt in place, and coat in the storm. “Joe” tries to be upbeat, hopeful, and understanding all in one breath. “Joe” even listens on occasion. “Joe” tends to get busy due to a strong sense of duty. “Joe” has fears or concerns like the rest of us but tends not to share them easily for fear of spreading negativity.

In short “Joe” seems to have mastered walking on water. He he.  That’s saying something considering no matter how hard others do or don’t try– all the other variables factored in can’t hold a candle next to the “Joe” variable.

I wish I had a picture or some media to express “Joe” but I don’t.  So a dull post will have to pass for good.  I have let my compliment out of the bag.. hopefully it will be well received.  It certainly is well intended.  With my internal variables and all the external ones “Joe’s” are vital, rare, and beautiful.  I do hope you have such a variable in your life. And if you get more than one- how fortunate you are!!



About rebquist

I am a mother of two in her forties who does entry level administrative work. Some days I have gout in my foot like an eighty year old man. Other days I'm up like a kite. I live each day bipolar and each moment as though I have to account in the mirror. I have no pro writing experience just an A+ in English 101. Which is only as far as I've gotten. My M.O. ?? Emotional Health Stigma Must DIE!!!
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